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A good definition of A General Partnership Agreement is a relationship between two businessesor commercial enterprises in a joint venture. The agreement clearly states the role of each partner in the business deal that plays an important role in making the venture profitable. We at Legal Matters Made Simple can draft legible Partnership Agreements that are recognised by agencies in the four countries of the United Kingdom.

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    Protect your interests with a professional partnership agreement

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    Protect Your Business
    Depending on the type of partnership, each partner may be personally liable for the debt and obligations of the company. A legal agreement ensures each parties responsibilities are shared fairly.
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    Protect Your Interests
    Establish from the very start your partner's capital contributions, how profits are split, how decisions are made, what is expected of the partners and what happens if a partner wants to leave.
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    Peace of Mind
    Set your boundaries now to avoid future disappointments and disagreements. Significantly lessen the chance of any future disputes, as everything was previously agreed to and signed by all partners.
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    Receive a no fuss, no obligation, straight forward quote to help you protect your interests as a business owner with a Partnership Agreement drafted by our team of UK based legal experts.

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      3 Must-Have Provisions We Include in Partnership Agreements

      In any relationship, conflicts are unavoidable. Misunderstandings will occur whether in friendships, work relationships or marriage.
      Unfortunately, a minor issue, when mishandled, can result in complicated disputes. In a worst-case scenario, these conflicts can attract costly lawsuits. You can use partnership agreements to avoid such cases in a business relationship.

      Legal Matters Made Simple is filling the knowledge gap in writing business partnership agreement in the United Kingdom. We can write an agreement that clearly outlines your obligations and rights. So, your company won’t have problems likely to break the partnership or make it dysfunctional. Here are the vital provisions we must include in your partnership agreement.

      Partnership Contributions

      Experience has taught us that partners’ capital, resources, and time contribution to the business differs in every partnership. We have noticed some partners provide the capital while others offer managerial and operation expertise.

      Irrespective of your unique situation, we will include the specific contributions in the written partnership agreement UK. We will
      include terms and conditions addressing the expected contributions required from each partner until the business become profitable. That will ensure every individual plays their role without causing conflicts.

      Decision-Making Powers and the Authority of Partners

      We know that each partner is interested in the company’s success. The interest gives every partner the authority to sign agreements and make a decision on behalf of the business. To secure a smooth business operation, we always allocate powers and responsibilities in the business partnership contract UK. This clause will prevent confusion and protect every partner’s interest. It will force them to find a mechanism for making vital decisions for the company.

      Dispute Resolution

      It is wise to expect disputes in every partnership. However, it might become difficult to solve conflicts in business relationships. We always include dispute resolution options in these agreements to prevent the parties from filing lawsuits. We prefer arbitration and mediation as suitable dispute resolution methods. With clients acceptance, we always include this clause in partnership agreements.