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Service Agreements or Service Contracts is a legal agreement written between a supplier of goods, services, and their customers that specifies the conditions that each transaction or service must meet. You can count on our legal team to craft and create the perfect agreement that you can use within England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

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    Protect your interests with a professional service agreement

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    Protect your Business
    If you are a service provider, you should use a service contract whenever you are hired by a customer to complete a service to clearly define the terms from the beginning.
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    Protect Yourself
    As the customer, if the service provider does not supply the contract, you can use a Service Agreement to ensure that the terms of the service relationship are clear.
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    Peace of Mind
    No fuss, no obligation, a straight forward quote to help you protect your interests as either a business owner or as a customer with a Service Agreement.
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    You're in Safe Hands
    If a dispute arose, there is a written agreement between both parties, courts will generally be obligated to uphold it's terms, even if they don't agree with them.

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      Why You Need a Professionally Drafted Service Agreement

      For your business to flourish and secure its reputation, ensure you have a good relationship with your clients. As long as there are no clear terms that define your relationship and the duties of each party, conflicts are inevitable. Disputes and disagreements between service providers and their clients always emerge from failure to execute specified responsibilities.

      At Legal Matters Made Simple, we assist companies in having healthy relationships with their clients by drafting a service contract for them. This legal document will contain, services to be provided, cost of the services, and mode of payment, expectations of both parties and other vital terms. We are always detailed when drafting this document in order to protect our clients interests. Here are reasons why you need our assistance to draft a CSA.

      The Document is Legally Binding

      The service agreement is a legally binding document between you and your customers. After we have prepared this document, it must be signed before commencing any working relationship. When writing the general service agreement, we first determine any potential disputes likely to arise in such relationships. This information will assist our experts in imposing terms on the agreement to minimize the risk of prospective disputes. Since the contract is legally binding, your clients will strive to comply with the terms. So, with our professional assistance, you will have healthy work relationships.

      Dealing Unexpected Problems

      Whenever service providers and clients engage in a contract, they look forward to enjoying success. However, it is absurd to rule out any possibility of unexpected problems occurring. We create Customer service agreements with clauses to deal with any possible future issue.

      Our contract gives straightforward solutions to deal with expected problems. So, whenever you face any difficulty in your relationship with a client, the agreement will solve it. That will prevent complications likely to cost you more money.