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With the increasing demand for rentals, it is high time for you to be a property owner. If you have properties for rent, ensure all your ducks are in a row to get a return on your investments. According to most landlords, dealing with tenants is a headache. Mishandling the tenants might culminate in costly losses for you.

To maximize your rental properties &  profitability and keep any issues at bay, you must have a residential tenancy agreement. You can seek the services of professional legal writers such as Legal Matters Made Simple to draft this document. We will ensure it contains the following terms to protect your interests.

Occupancy Limits

This clause limits the number of people living in your rental property. As a landlord, your occupancy limits must be subject to the rental and occupancy laws of the land. We know all the laws regarding occupancy limits. We will ensure your occupancy limits comply with the law and highlight it in the agreement. That will prevent your tenants from misusing your property.

Rent Stipulation

We know the goal of every landlord is to get revenue from their property. While providing tenancy agreement service UK, we
highlight when, how, and where the tenants are supposed to remit rent payments. We will clearly outline the cost of your rent and when the tenants are supposed to pay it. According to us, the beginning of every month is perfect for collecting rent. This term will keep tenants on their toes to pay their dues on time to avoid infringing the agreement.

House Rules

Renting houses isn’t a stress-free business. Since you’re dealing with people, there is a likelihood of having issues with some tenants. For instance, problems such as noise complaints might arise. We use our experience to protect our clients from common issues that landlords face. We will include house rules in the tenancy agreement contract. That will force every tenant to abide by those rules to uphold their lease.


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