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Creating your own business plan can be quite daunting, specially if you can't project the future growth of the business. We at Legal Matters Made Simple will make it easy for you. Our services will cover the most important parts of your business plan such as financials, feasibility reports, market analysis, and more. Conducting deep research, we can fully represent your business expectations and goals.

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    Why you need business plan?

    With a well-polished business plan, you can get funding and new business partners. Having a business plan in place will give Investors confidence that they will get a return on their Investments. Your business plan is the tool you will use to influence others that you are a good investment.

    Who Are We?
    business plan consulting services
    We are a one of the leading business plan writing and consulting companies in the UK. We help start-ups, solopreneurs, and business to communicate their ideas through detailed, Professional graded business plan.
    What we do?
    service contract specialist
    We make business plans for start-ups, non-profits, franchises, investors, lending companies and many more. We carry out rigorous strategic and financial analysis based on solid market research and create high-quality bespoke business plans for business loans fundraising and other purposes. We have a strong track record of creating Investment ready plans.
    The Process?
    business plan consulting services
    Upon completing our quick consultation call, and you decide to proceed, your business plan writing services begins by returning the business plan questionnaire to us, which collects all the Information we need to research and develop your plan.

    To help identify the growth potential in your business, your completed financial plan will include:

    • Executive Summary
    • Company overview
    • Business Description
    • Market Analysis
    • Operating Plan
    • Marketing and Sales Plan
    • Financial forecast
    • Be at least 25 + pages long
    • S.W.O.T Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities Threats)
    • Bespoke requirements tailored to your specific plan

    Delivery Time

    We aim to complete the business plan within 14 business days. And send you over the first draft for any further revisions you may have? Once the revisions are completed to your satisfaction, the completed business plan will be provided to you in Word, PDF, excel formats.

    Recent Examples Of Our Work

    Please view some recent samples of business plans we have created below. The clients featured below have given express permission that Legal Matters Made Simple can share their work.

    Centre For Sustainability and Development
    Download / View PDF
    Monicas Slice of
    New York
    Download / View PDF

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      Why We are Good Business Plan Writers

      A business plan might be the only thing your company needs to grow. This document will help attract the right stakeholders and
      investors for your business. Remember, people will only invest in a good plan that guarantees a return on their investment. If you lack the skill to create a persuasive business plan, consider hiring the services of good legal writers.

      At Legal Matters Made Simple, we provide business plan writing services to interested clients. Our goal is to facilitate the actualization of your dream. We have a team of creative professionals with extensive experience creating this document. They can draft the perfect plan that will meet your company’s objective. Here are attributes that make us good business plan writers.

      We are Concise and Persuasive

      As a company, we have mastered the art of persuasion when drafting business plans. Our business plan writers UK will highlight every major concern of your company and write them in a clear and easy-to-read format. We will strategically utilize every relevant keyword to make your document stand out. Above all, we will make your business plan persuasive to your targeted stakeholders and investors.

      We are Thorough

      We take our work seriously, knowing the success of our clients depends on our competence. When writing business plans, we
      will first try to understand your company and the objectives you intend to achieve. Our professional business plan writers UK
      will ask many questions and research to get a clear picture of your company. We will also ensure the information captured in
      your business plan is up-to-date and accurate.

      We are Good Researchers

      It is impossible to draft a good business plan without research skills. For over six years, we have continually enhanced our
      research skills. It is in our culture to understand the client’s industry and target market’s condition before writing their business plan. We also study any changes or latest trends affecting their business. Research enables us to discover potential opportunities for our clients.